Facebook is the largest social media network in Canada (and the world), which is almost common knowledge by now. However, many are unaware that Facebook owns the #2 social media app: Instagram. They also own WhatsApp, the most popular free internet-based messenger app. What does this mean? For advertisers, it means that you are able to run campaigns seamlessly across multiple platforms but still be able to manage them from one place. Among all social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are the most interactive, and can produce great ROI. Social media advertising helps both large and small business owners reach target audiences, boost sales, improve brand recognition, increase website traffic, and even helps improve search engine rankings. Campaigns that run across both Facebook and Instagram have shown to perform better than those that ran on only one platform. Both Facebook and Instagram offer multiple forms of display ads that can be tailored to best suit each individual advertisers needs and align with their digital marketing strategy.

Facebook knows a lot about its users, like A LOT. This allows you to dial into very specific targets so that your message is only being seen by those who fit your brands customer profile, and money is not being wasted promoting your brand/service to the wrong people. Facebook will automatically show your ads to people who are most likely to find your ads relevant, but you can further target your ad delivery with audience selection tools. Over time, target audiences can be optimized by monitoring which target audiences produce the best results for each campaign.

We’ve all heard business is about relationships, and that’s because it’s true. When it comes to advertising online, social media provides the easiest platform to engage with your customer and start to develop and sense of community surrounding your brand. Engagement consists of likes, comments and interactions on your ads, which creates a stronger connection with your brand. The more connected your target audience with your company is, the more likely they are to convert, and buy your product/service. Many of Facebooks ad formats include a customizable call to action button such as “Call Now to Receive our Winter Promo”. Since most users spend their time on social media on their mobile device rather than a desktop computer, your ad is one tap away from a direct phone call where you can continue to build the relationship, and convert the lead.