Social media is a great way to engage with both current and prospective customers, and an effective promotion tool for both large and small businesses. Many companies are aware of the importance of managing their social media accounts but often take the wrong approach or do not spend enough time managing their accounts. In turn, this leads to poor results, and they are left feeling that social simply doesn’t work for their company. In reality, practically any business can benefit from using social media provided sufficient time and effort is invested, and in the right way. Social media management encompasses account management, paid advertisements, and customer interaction. In order to be successful, you must understand the in’s and out’s of each platform, constantly monitor your accounts, respond to those interacting with your accounts, and develop content and paid advertisements to post.

Most companies struggle to devote the time it takes to nurture and grow their social media presence. They go for a “set it and forget it” approach, or aren’t on social media because the task is too overbearing. Hiring an agency to manage your social media passes the burden on to experts who will usually get faster and better results, and allows you to prioritize your focus on the the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business.

Millions of Canadians use social media, however most businesses only want to reach a specific target demographic. One of the largest benefits of using social media to advertise is that you can dial into these specific markets because platforms such as Facebook know so much about their users. Effective promotion on social media requires adequate research and execution. Social media management experts will research your product or service and determine exactly who you should be focusing your efforts on, and have the technical knowledge to ensure you are not wasting money advertising to the wrong demographics. Each business is unique and requires a careful tailored campaign. Agencies will develop, monitor, and tweak strategies to continually improve the success of your campaign. They will also provide calendars that will map out where and when your campaigns will be active.